As most of you may have seen on our social media platforms, we ran a giveaway campaign where we donated 10 cents to Breast Cancer Research for every follower we gained the last few weeks of October. This means a lot to us, as we personally know many who have been impacted by this horrible disease; and we’re sure many of you know someone also. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say THANK YOU to all those that participated in the giveaway. We were able to raise $23.50 and we topped the donation up to $100 in total which was given to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Breast Cancer Awareness month wouldn’t accomplish its purpose if we didn’t give you some tips on how to #feelyourbreasts… and remember, this isn’t only for women, men are at risk too. We know it can be scary to check your breasts and feel something that shouldn’t be there. This is true for pretty much any part of the body. We all get super freaked out and anxious when we find something on our body that wasn’t there before. However, don’t let the fear of finding something discourage you from checking. Though many of the lumps found in women’s breasts are benign (which means they are pretty much harmless), it is better to be proactive than reactive. Below are some tips on what you should look out for. 

So what should you be looking for when checking for breast lumps?

A breast lump can feel different for many people, however, cancerous lumps usually have the follow characteristics: 

Doesn’t move when pressure is applied

Grows over time

A hard mass

Appears in the outer portion of your breast


Has irregular edges

We know this is quite the list and as we stated before, most breast lumps are usually harmless, actually 1 in 10 lumps are only found to be cancerous. So what are these other lumps you may find? Well it can be a few things like: 

Swollen lymph nodes


Bacterial or viral infection

Allergic reactions

A noncancerous tissue growth known as a fibroadenoma

a fatty tissue growth (lipoma)

Lymphoma (usually cancerous)

The point of checking is not to self diagnose, but rather, if you find a lump is to visit a doctor, and we mean a real doctor, NOT Dr. Google or Dr. WedMD. The whole goal behind checking is to get to know your breasts and find out what is YOUR normal. We know some of our Santorini Family has natural lumpy breasts, so it’s especially important to keep checking to make sure you don’t miss something under the assumption that it’s just your natural lumps. 

Especially during coronavirus, we know it can be daunting to think about going to the doctors office but trust us when we say that it’s safer to go to the doctor and get the lump checked out than to sit at home waiting for the pandemic to be over. If you’re too anxious to go alone, take a friend, sister or someone you trust with you, having a familiar face can help a lot when experiencing anxiousness. 

We’ve linked a full list of symptoms here (attach link). Get checking girls, if you can spare a few minutes now, why not? 

Stay Comfortable, Stay Sexy, Stay Santorini!
We love you, 
Santorini Underwear
Love Comfort.
Disclaimer: Santorini Underwear is not offering any medical advice. We are simply advising to check your breasts and speak with a medical professional.

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