How to Style Your Underwear

With second lockdowns happening around the global, we’re going to be lounging around in our underwear even more. So we wanted to give some tips on how to style them so you can feel stylish during your times at home. Btw, these looks are great for outdoors also! 

Here are some ideas from our fellow Santorini Family…

We love the pairing of the jeans with the triangle bra set since it can give you that warmth you need while lounging during the winter months while being super comfortable. The use of small accessories such as a ring, bracelet or necklace really gives this look a complete feeling.

The following look uses a robe to give you the ultimate sexy feeling.

Post your way of styling your underwear set and use the hashtag #santoriniunderwear on any social media platform you like!

Santorini Underwear

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