Most people don’t think about it, but the most important part of your outfit is actually your underwear! Your underwear is what helps shape your outfit as it is what you truly are feeling. It’s the piece of clothe closest to your skin. If you feel good in your underwear, you’ll look good wearing it. Hence, comfort is the utmost important factor!

For very long, we have had to decide between what is comfortable and what looks good on us. We all have a piece of clothing that is torn, faded and you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in it but you wear it all day long when you’re alone at home. On the other end, we all have undies we all find so sexy but they are such a pain to keep on for a long period of time. 

Underwear was not meant to be scratchy, pinching or unflattering. To make it worse, there’s no easy way to know if an underwear is comfortable until you actually try it on. So many undies on the market today look good but once you wear them, it’s the most painful thing.

Santorini Underwear wants to help you out when looking for comfortable underwear so you can make well informed decisions and be happy when you put your next pair of underwear on and feel comfortable and supported all day long. 



Above all, when choosing an underwear, you need to make sure you pick the right size. If this one isn’t right, having the other things right won’t help much. We recommend avoiding purchasing a size smaller because you plan on losing a few pounds in the next couple of weeks. All it’s going to end up doing is squishing your beautiful curves and making you feel and look disproportionate. 

Next on the list, fabric aka material

Since your underwear is the closest thing to your skin, you need to make sure that it is soft to touch, breathable and doesn’t cause you to have an itch since you’ll be wearing it all day. The last thing anyone wants after a long day is to take their underwear off and have a rash. One thing that is common in irritating underwear is the label, which is why all Santorini Underwear products use heat label pressed tags and not conventional tags.

Lastly, Support! 

Regardless of your body shape or size, everyone needs support. Supporting underwear that compliments your contours is mandatory. This doesn’t mean that you need underwiring in all your underwear. You want to look for underwear that can support your bust comfortably while giving you the cleavage you want. The underwear should be comfortable as it wraps around your back and gives you the ability to adjust the straps to your desired length. 
If you find all three of those things in your next underwear set, you’ve found a winner. Treat yourself to some comfortable underwear because a comfortable you is the best you, and that’s what the world needs.

Stay Comfortable, Stay Sexy, Stay Santorini!

With Love, 

Santorini Underwear

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