Santorini Underwear was founded in 2020 in Toronto, Canada where two Nuclear Engineers felt they would rather solve real problems. They did not feel passionate about nuclear physics equations but rather the struggle everyone feels - we want sexy AND comfortable underwear!

After many months of working on different samples and designs, the founders finally created the classic debut Triangle Bra Set. It is what we believe truly represents what we are trying to achieve. True comfort. True sexiness. 

We at Santorini Underwear strive to produce the most comfortable loungewear pieces for your closet while maintaining that sexy and luxury feel. Santorini Underwear is here to revolutionize the women’s garment industry. We want to be the leaders in producing sustainable loungewear while never compromising comfort or sexiness in our products. That is a guarantee. We are constantly working on how to make our products more eco-friendly.

We believe that businesses should be the leader in social causes, this is why we do the following:

  • A portion of our profits go towards social causes like Black Lives Matter, Breast Cancer, and many others. We pick a new cause/charity every quarter. 
  • We plant a tree for every product we sell to offset the carbon emissions produced from the shipping and packaging of our products.

We would love to hear from you, send us an email at