Welcome to SANTORINI UNDERWEAR, a women’s loungewear company on a mission to support women’s mental health. We are a global collective of one heart and

many hands — feminists, designers, product managers —
 creating essential products from extremely comfortable materials for EVERYONE.

We design products for living in, for any situation and for basic needs. We create our products with YOU in mind. Santorini Underwear is built for everyone, including Mother Nature. We strive to use the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

We are starting a movement. Designing a better future.


Our collection has taken many months working on solutions for the most comfortable loungewear. The result is a thoughtful collection of wardrobe essentials that will hug your curves while keeping you extremely comfortable.

The range uses hand stitched cotton and a soft spandex band to give you a complete comfortable feel. Santorini Underwear does not use a sourcing company - we work directly with the manufacturer to ensure the loungewear is made with the utmost care. 

With SANTORINI you can make sustainable and sexy choices without compromising on comfort.

SANTORINI meaning and inspiration


a Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades group

Mission & Vision

SANTORINI is a direct-to-consumer loungewear company bringing together sexy and comfortable everyday lifestyle products. Every product we make is created with the aim to solve a problem faced by women. We hope to drive these solutions further by working closely with organizations and charities that support women around the world. We work closely with women’s organizations that focus on mental health, breast cancer research, sexism, women in tech, etc.